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What To Pack For A Cruise | Must Have Items

Hi Everyone! I get so many questions about cruising and what to pack for a cruise. My Husband and I are experienced cruisers and have taken over a dozen. Here I’ve gathered all of my cruise packing must-haves for you along with some optional items. I’ll also link all other cruise or packing related videos below. Thank you for watching!

My Travel & Packing Essentials: https://bit.ly/1ENKqdI
Cruise Tips Playlist: https://bit.ly/1B9HsBj
My Travel Agent: https://www.cruisewithmaria.com

Items Mentioned
Extra Power Strip: https://bit.ly/1FUo4e8
Foldable Laundry Bags: https://bit.ly/1MPdy9P
Bathroom Spray: https://bit.ly/1MPclj5
Sanitizing Wipes: https://bit.ly/1RDVRMk
Day/Pool/Carry On Bag: https://bit.ly/1BnaKOl
Travel Clock: https://bit.ly/1zDZR4E
Document Holder: https://bit.ly/1RjANYY
Small Flashlight: https://bit.ly/1zE05Zw
OTC Medications (mobile pharmacy)
Chair/Curtain/Towel Clips: https://bit.ly/1zdlQ10
Ziplock Bags

Optional Items
Travel Corkscrew: https://bit.ly/1BncerR
Travel Cup
Walkie Talkies (when traveling with a larger group)
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  1. Anna M Albelo Reply

    will you be so kind and tell me the brand name or where I can find the awesome power source many thanks

  2. iiBloxyViny Reply

    I know you made this a year ago but can I bring hairspray? I'm a guy who wakes up in the morning and my hair is all messed up.

  3. Gabriella Achampong Reply

    A lot of these things I wouldn't have even thought about! Thank you!

  4. Alyssa Osborn Reply


  5. John Kinzer Reply

    MissCrysal that is true but isn't most of you time spent on the ship

  6. John Kinzer Reply

    if a cell phone does not work on a cruise why does everybody get so worried about recharging it

  7. Brandy Martin Reply

    Loved this video! I always pack all kinds of over the counter medications too, and I had all mine in a 10"x7.5"x7" box and you inspired me to consolidate it into a smaller bag! Thanks so much!
    Also, we always carry an over the door shoe organizer with clear pockets to keep small items off the counter (sunglasses, some toiletries, camera, etc, etc). It definitely helps to keep things tidy!

  8. anne powles Reply

    Thank you so much for this video! We are going on a cruise this summer for the first time and this was so helpful!

  9. bornetube Reply

    I appreciate the video and tips. Well done!

  10. Johnny Thompson Reply

    P.S. just realized that i'm using my husband email. LOL. Wife…

  11. Johnny Thompson Reply

    Great video, My husband and I have been on several cruises before, but never thought to bring clips along. That's a great idea. Heading to Alaska in a few days. Thanks again…

  12. Zachary Levine (zwhovian263) Reply

    Why the blue painter's tape on the sunscreen bottle?

  13. Mandy Kamp Reply

    hi! can you give me a recommendation on the least crowded place to eat when you first board allure of the seas?

  14. Gloria D Reply

    Beautiful room!!!

  15. Fashion786 xx Reply

    Thank you I do take most of these things….but the outlet is a great one. Yes this was helpful????

  16. olivia bevel Reply

    I love ur bedroom

  17. marissa moments Reply

    Thanks this was really helpful! I'm a first time cruiser and pretty excited!

  18. The Way to Avalon Reply

    I love your advice! thank you for this video!!! :D

  19. Tamara Daniels Reply

    i am going on one in september what should i pack

  20. Fashionista015 Reply

    Very helpful

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