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What to Pack For Vacation! Packing Hacks, Tips & Tricks!

What to Pack For Vacation! Packing Hacks, Tips & Checklist! Today I am showing you all how I pack for vacation and my best packing hacks and tips and how to NOT OVERPACK!! I hope you enjoyed my Life Hacks video!

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    America I am from England # Liverpool

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    I saw the missing file at the end ;)

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    Her video(s) are so bright

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    Im going to the Caribbean tomorrow and Ireland next year, My number 1 place I want to travel to is Japan, I luv japan and ugh i want to live there!!!

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    Maldives or Alaska.

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    Who else had a ad about packing cubes

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    I always over pack???????? when I was little I used to wanna take like 5 medium sized teddys that took up all the space ???????? my mum said I could only bring one ????

  12. Abbie Elizabeth

    I'm half Portuguese and I'm going to Portugal in 6 days yayyy

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    Come to Greece I'm going in August 31

  14. Beauty Base

    Rolling doesn't save space it it the same amount of material you can't make it more spacious or not it all depends how tightly to pack it so don't believe it saves space, it doesn't save space it just creases your clothes

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    OH MY LORD!!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SOCKS!!?? THE PINK GREY ONES!!!??? I think I'm in lovvvvveee!!!

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