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What To Pack For Vacation + Tips and Tricks! | Breezylynn08

I show you guys how I pack my suitcase, and some other tips and tricks to make more room, and to make traveling easier! 🙂
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  1. ‫מיה אולך‬‎

    You So Beautyful????

  2. Glitter Boo Potter Pup

    seriously. my hair stuff for vacation is a brush. you don't need that much hair stuff. no hate but SERIOUSLY.

  3. Brinleygurl331 2005

    You forgot your laptop charger

  4. jan godla

    im going slovakia 17 august

  5. Alexis Gonzalez

    We're do you get those suitcases

  6. Alexandria Ross

    Has anyone else noticed her and Cassie from ClayCupcakes4 have a lot of the same things ?!! XD

  7. xokaykay_ xo

    OMG HOW R U SO PRETTY???????? Love ur handwriting btw ❤️❤️

  8. lasya time

    i will be going to a vacation on september 20 and i cant wait omgggggg !!!! :)))))

  9. Briana Gonzalez

    The songs were replayed so much????

  10. Yoana Brown

    I subscribed at the second second because of your suitcase

  11. Lucy Ryan

    In Ireland you have to pack all your liquids in a plastic bag and they have to be under 100ml or else you can't take them☹️

  12. Eloise Perry

    When you're going on vacation tomorrow morning and still haven't packed…….

  13. emmy burns

    Where did you get your clear sunglasses from?

  14. Luca Builder

    Your so fun

  15. Trashley The Potato

    Tip- roll your shorts and shirts together for a space saving premade outfit. for more storage secure the roll with ponytail holders.

  16. Anna Renee

    Where did u get that suitcase from

  17. rania khorbatly

    your so pretty????

  18. Anna Shaffer

    what brand suitcase is that????

  19. yolix Gutierrez

    If your watching a lot of traveling video and packing like

  20. awsome àmazing

    I'm going to vidcon I live in Maryland