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What To Pack for Vacation | Tips + Essentials

Luggage: Jessica Simpson
Silver travel bag: Victoria secret
Black toiletry bag: drugstore (cvs/Walgreens)

Leopard Makeup Bag – Victoria Secret
Brush Case – 10th Studio

Forgot to include sunglasses and eyelashes and a face mask !

Literally edited this right before my flight (which is right now) lol I skipped wearing makeup to the airport just for this video so please show some love ????
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  1. mrsram83

    Love how your man is like omg

  2. Vianney Lopez

    I know this is usually not what your channel is about but you travel quite a bit, and I've been thinking of going to cancun for my 21st which is in january but i have never traveled and i dont have the slightest clue on what to look out for and how to plan a trip like that. It would be cool if you made a video talking about your experiences, cost, planning tips that sort of thing im having a hard time looking for advice like that. Love you????

  3. My Full Figured Life

    Wow! I thought Iwas the onlyone that brings a million bags of ish lol.

  4. beacasarrubias79

    Lmao! The comments at the end. Is that my husband? Sure sounds like him. Hahaha! Men!

  5. Jenna Shuhus

    Omg that brush thing where did u get it!!!!???

  6. MissTina2014

    I love that sparkly silver makeup bag!! So cute…. Where did you get it? 

  7. Liz Ace

    was the makeup bag on you carry on? I'm always afraid my makeup will get confiscated.

  8. Jessie M

    You mentioned cleaning a beauty blender… I love (hand-washing with) a pink laundry bar soap called Zote cleans my beauty blender so well—like new. It's inexpensive (about $1-2). They sell it at Home Depot. I've heard that some dollar stores sell it too.

  9. BeautyPaintBox

    Lol I don't feel so bad for over packing anymore.

  10. Fedora Guerrero

    ???????? why did it sound like my husband in the end of the video!! ????????????????

  11. Zobixox

    love this video 🙂 <3 thank you!!

  12. Amber Mellas

    love that makeup bag !

  13. Amber Mellas

    makeup goals ????????

  14. June Burton

    I Love the end. ????.

  15. kellylynn385

    how did tsa let u pass thru bringing that makeup on carry on? usually it has to be in clear bags and certain size. i will see if i can do that next time i travel

  16. Ana Bermudez

    Have a great vacation!!

  17. nics.beauty 11

    Love this thank you. I'm going on holiday on Monday so this really helped me xx


    Live the music; who sing?

  19. Johanna Vallejo

    Lmao noey is funnyyyyy

  20. Katherine Batista

    are you doing someone's makeup out there too?? lol.. .dawmn! that's alot of stuff. but i guess is better to have more options then be missing something when you getting dolled up. Although majority of the time when i went to mexico i did very light makeup, i was too hot & i was burnt, had a natural glow lol. Hope you have a great time Rose!