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What To Pack For Vacation! Tips + What’s In My Carry On!?

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Hey guys! Todays video is my what to pack for vacation video! I also show you guys what I keep in my carry on bag for the plane and also my tips for how to pack all of your stuff! I hope this video helps you all out when you go on a trip of some sort and I love you guys so much!! Thanks so so much for 4.8k! You guys mean the world to me! Also! I am currently attending VidCon right now as this is up! So if you guys see me please say hi and let’s take a picture! I already saw one of you guys who said hi and it made my day!! Love you all so so much!

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I hope you guys enjoy and I will talk to you all later!

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  1. Shahd Alhalabi Reply

    soooooooo helpful

  2. Selia Bedilia Reply

    I loved your video! keep making videos i love them!! Good job!! xoxox

  3. Norah Macke Reply

    I'm going to st. Louis

  4. You Rock Reply

    Florida and Chicago

  5. shahd Xoxo Reply

    I thought that you were gonna show us what's in your purse????

  6. Savanna Weber Reply

    im going oahu for a week

  7. Rachella Brand Reply

    I saw a demi lovato shirt????????

  8. miguel rodriguez Reply

    Outer banks ????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Amelie Barham Reply

    Love how smiley and happy you always seem!

  10. Two Besties Reply

    you forgot a belt

  11. tata cenat Reply

    new york for 153 days [ 5 months]

  12. Curious Daisy Reply

    who needs 4 pairs of pajamas for 7 days? how many of those clothes did you actually wear?

  13. Casiah Hardy Reply

    Obsessed with editing ???? we should talk sometime !

  14. Addy emery Reply

    Edmonton alberta

  15. Hailie Miller Reply

    San Diego

  16. Amanda Leonard Reply

    Also going to Cali, but shortly after Vidcon unfortunately. So excited it's my first time! Hope you're loving Vidcon 🙂 

  17. Kat Reply

    I don't think you realise how happy your videos make me, I literally LOVE them and you put so much effort and upload tons, you really are one of my fav you tubers if not my fav!! Hope u visit London one day! love you!!!

  18. Maria Elena Gutierrez Reply

    Your Eyebrows Are Literally So On Fleek It Should Be Illegal ???????????? Loved The Video!????

  19. Precious Martinez Reply

    I want to go to vid con to see the Shaytards 

  20. Katie McGowan Reply

    Can you do a what's in my purse? btw I love this video!!???? I love your channel so much 

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