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What To Pack On Vacation! Airplane Essentials/Tips + Outfit!

Helloooooo!♡ I hope you guys are having an awesome summer break so far 🙂 If you’re planning on going on a vacation, here are some helpful packing tips that I like to do 😀 i hope you guys enjoyed this video and let me know in the comments what video you guys would like to see next 🙂

My packing checklist:

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  1. Tamzin Robinson Main Channel Reply

    i love flying you can get so much cool photos aswell x

  2. Glittergirl 1234 Reply

    Me and you girl By the way I mean me too

  3. Yolo_Games EpicEnderGirIisXD Reply

    18 August Thursday 2016 xD

  4. Yolo_Games EpicEnderGirIisXD Reply

    I'm going on holiday tomorrow 2016

  5. Yolo_Games EpicEnderGirIisXD Reply

    Kelley I love packing and going on airplane and going for security ur deco not the only 1

  6. Nahallah Champagne Reply

    Same I love airport stuff and packing

  7. bunbunears life Reply

    im just like u girl i love packin, delays, long flights XD 2016 btw

  8. Kelsey Brown Reply

    what is your Facebook page

  9. Katy Miller Reply

    I'm going to Mexico

  10. Ciera Fenton Reply

    the first video I watched was what got for christmas

  11. Ciera Fenton Reply

    the first video I watched was what got for christmas

  12. Emma Rebel Reply

    this is the first video i watch of you and i already love you????

  13. Teresa Autumn Reply


  14. girl_advisoryx Xx Reply

    Omg were the same I love packing !!! ❤️

  15. Susan's Faves Reply

    I love people watching at the airport. I could (okay, I usually DO) sit and watch them for hours. I even have been known to make up stories about them as they're going about their business to pass the time!! Now who's the weird one?!
    In 22 days exactly at this moment, we're leaving for our trip to Hawaii!! This is my second time going (my daughter & I went and met my BFF & her daughter for a mother/daughter vacation in August '14) and my daughter's third in 2 years!! She went with me in August '14, with her significant other in March '15 ( he proposed {AGAIN} and she said yes…they've been together for 19 years and have 3 kids!) and now we're going to celebrate her college graduation with her Associates and successful completion of her Rad Tech program AND passing her state boards. Oh, and my 55th birthday! I'm excited for everything except sitting on a plane & trying to sleep. Wish I could afford 1st class!

  16. Samantha Reply

    how dumb she didn't even cover the license plate

  17. Tarren Gibson Reply

    I love packing too

  18. Yael Pomerantz Reply

    I love airports and planes

  19. Norah Macke Reply

    I do too

  20. Miriam Moreado Reply

    in 22 days im. going to cancun in México for 5 days at a huge resort. i want to pack now. im packing the night befor the. trip????????????????.????

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