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What To Pack On Vacation! Airport Essentials & Tips + Outfits!

Hey guys! So recently I went on vacation to New York City and decided I’d film a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ while I was there! In this video you guys will see how I like to pack and my tips n’ tricks, as well as my carry on essentials and a montage of my New york trip! I worked suupppeerrrr hard on this video so I hope you all enjoy! Remember to give it a big ole’ thumbs up as well as subscribe to join our #carebears family!

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  1. SophisticatedlySpoken

    i live in new yourk

  2. CuteCarmelita

    Omg I was in New York City too! I guess I didn't spot you…. I sound like a stalker okay bye.

  3. Ajadee rose

    hi am a big fan of your channel this video is good

  4. Cami Co.

    I have the same suitcase

  5. Virginia Francisco

    Hey lol im happy u like NYC btw I live there

  6. Timaya Lewis

    you have a new happy sub love your channel

  7. Miss BeautyFashionstar

    wached it like 5 times

  8. Bellaria

    I know this is very late, but does anyone know where is suitcase is from?

  9. Blue Unicorn

    I'm so happy I found this video! I'm going to New York for a week mid August and than to Gold Coast, Australia also for a week in October… Ahh can't wait!!

  10. Chanel Elizabeth

    the intro was copied by sierra furtado

  11. Betül Afsar

    Your Voice is reallllyyyy enoying

  12. AverageGirly

    Ive lived in Ny my whole life and tourist do WAY more sh*t than me. Yeah my whole family is lazy including me xD

  13. kiddynamite219

    Who watching in 2016

  14. Melina Evil

    your songs are so cool!maybe make a public playlist on spotify? <3

  15. Rodrigo Lopez Santos

    So cute!

  16. Wismeiry Pichardo

    I live in New York and I never find anything to do

  17. Madison Austin

    The exact day you uploaded this video I am leaving for Florida. How cool is that????

  18. Celia Maria Graver Kristensen

    Where are your headphones from?! ???? love you videos!!!????

  19. Dove Cameron

    The video starts at 3:16

  20. stargirl 165

    Hello , I'm gonna be traveling to winnipeg Canada , so what are the points of interests there that you like !!
    Xoxo thanks <3 I live in Qatar 🙁 its 33 hours away !!!!!!!