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What to Pack When Traveling Abroad: Quick and Easy Travel Tips

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  1. Veronica Lee (DWG)

    Don’t you carry a tooth brush along or your phone? But thanks a lot I
    really needed your advise thank you

  2. arelius1971

    YES !!! Calling your bank and or credit card company will save you a MAJOR
    headache. I once went to the Caribbean, used my card and it NEVER came out.
    I forgot to call my CCC. Good thing I took enough cash for the rest of my
    vacation. Also making a copy of ALL your vital documents and leaving a copy
    in your suit case in case as a fail safe if you ever loose your passport.
    It will give you faster access into the American embassy so you can get a
    new passport book.

  3. Hey it'sJannessa

    Very good tips! Thanks for sharing

  4. tiramisuAsylum

    Thats funny cause some flights are not allowed to hand carry any form of
    liquid anymore

  5. Yes2Yesii

    can u tell me wut i should bring o carry on

  6. Federico Concas

    @LSchlutt We are not thieves. There are probably more crooks in America
    than in Europe.

  7. Jeremy Morris

    1) Slip a few fabric softener sheets into the main bag to keep fresh 2)
    Always bring a frame-less bag for things picked up along the way. 3) Things
    grow wrong and there are gross showers out there…flip flops 4) I usually
    pack one of my own pillow cases as I sleep better with the scent of home.
    5) Safety tip-avoid places where American congregate…if there is unrest
    it will probably be jumping off there first.

  8. promprom

    @FedericoConcas calm the hell down dumbass, no one said they were thieves,,
    god damn you need to cool it,,

  9. 33ILuvAnimeAnManga33

    You should always carry an extra toothbrush in your bag and a watch is very
    important plus you may need flipflops an

  10. Mint Cupcqake

    hi, how many days you go?

  11. shariae

    Great video… Would love to have a print out pack list of all items.

  12. David Petrvalsky

    Funny to hear because I’ve always used ribbons; until someone stole them.
    Who would have done that?

  13. Anna Collinsgru

    @hellokittylover5684 I think that she just did. All of the items she showed
    were her carry on items

  14. Federico Concas

    She’s bringing 25 pounds of stuff just for the flight. I wonder what she’s
    gonna put into her suitcase…