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What’s in the Pack, Travel Tips for Backpacking Light!

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Technician in electronic's full time Webmaster in spare time Trying to make a living :)
  1. Iworkwithnitwits

    If you had longer hair you would look like actor Chris O’Dowd (Bridemaids,
    Pirate Radio).

  2. nizam rais

    travel adapter!

  3. worldli

    This one is the Current TV cut. The other one I have on my channel is my
    rough cut to them, which was 2 minutes longer. I think this one is better
    paced, and I like the length and graphics – but a lot of info was cut out!

  4. EarthBlue2

    Good video,your funny.

  5. rr5683

    I’ll sell you back your camera for 50$

  6. Kevin Montgomery

    You forgot duct tap. And medical kit

  7. JOC Crew

    this is really helpful and presented in a damn funny way. I could watch it
    over and over again. nice work Nick..

  8. Joshua Johnson

    Great video Nick! Copies of passports a must! I bring some duct tape, hemp
    twine and a pack of No-doze…

  9. bob lee

    you had same video on how to pack light

  10. worldli

    @EarthBlue2 I try! : D