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Wonders of World : Top 5 The Largest Cruise Ships in 2015

Wonders of World : Top 5 The Largest Cruise Ships in 2015:

1. Allure of the Seas
2. Oasis of the Seas
3. Quantum of the Seas
4. Norwegian Epic
5. Freedom of the Seas

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  1. Lewis White

    does anyone agree with me because on one of the oasis of the seas pictures, next to her is concordia

  2. Robert Baker

    Queen Mary 2 is not a cruise ship, she is the only ocean liner afloat today. In a rough sea, QM2 is the safest ship today. As well
    befitting a Cunard ship, she has a higher ratio crew to customers.

  3. Jynx Jynx

    I've never been aboard one of these cruise ships, but I've heard that the really big ones, like these are family oriented so that children may accompany their parents.  I've sailed only the transatlantic liners and they are geared more toward the mature crowd.  The last I was aboard was the QM2. It was exquisite.

  4. Eugene Cara

    Allure of the seas is more bigger than oasis of the seas

  5. Juliana Freitas

    Titanic e maior

  6. Betina Sublette

    I love oasis

  7. Joshua Hurd

    no it isn't a box on water the epic ship is ship on water

  8. Carlos Melendez

    What happens to Queen Mary 2

  9. Rhomar Jhon Gorillo

    the back of the epic is gross

  10. Rhomar Jhon Gorillo

    at 0:1 the music 7s creepy

  11. Rhomar Jhon Gorillo

    im not joking

  12. Rhomar Jhon Gorillo

    ive been allure of the seas 4 years ago. the interior is so awsome! we eat lunch, jumping in swimming pools, so much fun.

  13. Rhomar Jhon Gorillo

    at 5:33 the music is extreme

  14. Ronald Miggelenbrink

    Allure is the sister VROM the Oasis of the Seas

  15. Ronald Miggelenbrink

    Allure is het zusje van de Oasis of the Seas

  16. Ronald Miggelenbrink

    Oasis of the Seas is groter

  17. Ronald Miggelenbrink

    Oasis is biggen
    Oasis of the Sebas is groter

  18. Jody

    The ship at 1:24 is odd looking. It looks like the top part of the front of the ship was an after thought.

  19. Secret 66

    The most beautiful of these is the one at exactly 4:15 . Haha!

  20. Dominic Garrido

    I was on the Allure of the seas