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Wonders of World:Top 5 Largest Cruise Ships by class in 2016

Hello dear cruising travelers. A new year has come and i made a special top for the 5 largest cruise ships, this time by class. Below you will find one of the most beautiful, luxurious, longest and innovative cruise ships ever made:

5. Freedom Class – Royal Caribbean International.
Independence of the Seas
Liberty of the Seas
Freedom of the Seas

4. Epic Class – Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Epic

3. Breakway Plus Class – Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Epic

2. Quantum Class – Royal Caribbean International.
Quantum of the Seas
Anthem of the Seas
Ovation of the Seas

1. Oasis Class – Royal Caribbean International.
Oasis of the Seas
Allure of the Seas
Harmony of the Seas

Feel free to comment and say what’s your opinion for the best cruising experience.
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  1. Ranieldo Aquino

    I really miss these cruise ships.

  2. Joshua Jones

    id be thinking titanic the whole cruise so no thnks

  3. Jax

    DAT Click b8 tho

  4. S Torres

    with all these large cruise ships, why are their swimming pools so damn small???

  5. Maria Jose Eguez Lima

    And the allure of the seas?

  6. Nate Stevens

    what is the song at the beginning?

  7. Nabil Zahrin

    next upcoming cruise:"seasick of the seas"


    I've done two cruises on this RCCL Mega Class Ships (Oasis & Allure) and NEVER AGAIN!
    It's a floating glamorized "ghetto" with lines and more lines for everything you want to participate and enjoy, service and food quality as it's mass produced is substandard and NO ATTENTION TO DETAIL .

    Getting in and out at ports is a struggle. "LESS IS MORE", remember that when you book your next cruise, it will be a lot more quaint and memorable than this endless circus that's designed for you not even wanting to get off the ship at "The Ports of Call". While leaving your money on their casinos, bars, stores and specialty restaurants while at sea instead of the excitement of exploring a new destination which usually is some inconsequential Port of Call like La Bade in Haiti, Cozumel in Mexico or St. Martin in the Caribbean.

    If you're into doing Cruises you've been 1000 times to those ports and the experience of the oversized ship is exhausting not exhilarating!

  9. Jack Gardel

    5:20 Deutschland :D

  10. Jeremy Roberts

    the epic looks ugly in my opinion I just hate the flat back if you fall back there boom done but shaped backs could get you in one or two floors

  11. Caitriona Turner

    anyone been on fantasia msc on the northern Europe running June and what r the waters like

  12. KnipBo Gaming

    is that ship… build in netherland cuz some weeks ago it was in the newspaper and said it was in rotterdam

  13. Rhomar Jhon Gorillo

    I only loved royal Caribbean

  14. Emanuel Muros

    these cruise ships are so big.

  15. abeer khan

    just 3 hits from the yamato can sink all these just sayin :D

  16. Mena Ragbir


  17. Ben Roberts Gaming

    Now the worlds biggest cruise ship is HARMONY OF THE SEAS I'm not shouting if that's what you think

  18. Komodo Khan

    the New one is harmony of the sea and the biggest today

  19. Mark Rubin

    I heard that Royal Caribbeans Harmony Of The Seas is sooooo big, (How big is it?) that next year they'll run the 24 hours of LeMans Road Race on it. Book your cabin early.