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Working Through Travel Anxiety // My Experience + Tips

“Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can.” – Unknown
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This video is a reflection of my personal experience with travel anxiety. Having a curious mind and adventurous heart are two things that I think everyone should be able to experience freely, whether traveling or not. There is no one “right” way to deal with anxiety, or life in general. The important thing is to try, one small step at a time. Getting through something is much more powerful than getting over it, and guess what? I believe in YOU! You are awesome. You are wonderful. You are loved. Everything is going to be okay.


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  1. Megan Greasley

    this helped a lot, im going on holiday on Tuesday ly xxx

  2. Michelle Rashidi

    anyone know the background music in this? thanks so much!

  3. Jackie Aceves


  4. Cassidy Gifford

    I'm leaving Missouri to go back to Florida in 5 days and I'm afraid I'm gonna have an attack, but I feel like I'm gonna be safe thank you for helping me!

  5. geeklette99

    Thank you so much! I haven't found any videos to help me out in a few days. This was great <3

  6. dreamsofJenny☁

    Thank you soo much! I'm nervous to get on a plane. I'm going to Denver from SF

  7. Alex

    Reading a book in a turbulence?))) it will not make you distracted, it will make you nauseous.

  8. ItsAshley

    This was really helpful! Thank you!

  9. pheasant_ wing

    I was so nervous about my flight before watching this, and now I want to fly! Thank you so much, you've earned a subscriber!

  10. Nicki87124

    Flying to LA next week and this video just made me feel so much better..:)

  11. Donald McTyer

    Leaving for Florida tomorrow. Not too nervous after watching this. Thank you for the video. Seems like this should be apart of the in flight movie.

  12. Lisa Koglbauer

    i am going on a 10 hour flight to the caribbean with my boyfriend in a month and i am kinda nervous. watching this makes me calm????

  13. Kylie Hu

    Security makes me so nervous and very embarrassed if I get stopped

  14. Jenny Holloway

    Going abroad tomorrow and am absolutely terrified but knowing you've managed to get through a similar thing is really helpful, thank you xx

  15. Jennifer T.

    I always come back to this video when traveling because it's just so helpful

  16. Erin Alexandra


  17. munchkin Xx

    thank you iam going on holiday soon I sometimes worry a lot about things like this now I feel but exited Xx????

  18. Geanna's Singh

    Thank you so much for making this video. I'm only 12 and I have had travel anxiety since I was 8. This will really help me in the future

  19. Sarah Solinger

    This video and just the music was so soothing and helpful im in guatemala right now and i keep having major anxiety which i've never had a problem with before and just watching this helped me

  20. Lauren Okinaka

    Going onto trains make me nervous