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  1. pinkpoo007 Reply

    To many Islamic clips. But very clearly shot. Shame there's no sea views

  2. Amorous Gay boyfriends more romantic Reply

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  3. psncoolpjhq Reply


  4. eri hayashi Reply

    Great video! Are there any more? nice view!

  5. Girlwatchingtheworld Reply

    Wish we could get a newer version for 2013 – or maybe get one made in the late spring of 2014. Add more cities as well. San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, Singapore, Durban, Madrid, Barcelona, Athens, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam. So many cities – I mean how cool would this be? 

  6. mididoctors Reply

    The thing that strikes me is that with a few notable exceptions it all feels the same.

  7. ToastedCigar Reply

    I love to watch this with my morning coffee before I go to work. It's rather relaxing!

  8. ZINCOVIX8754. Reply

    fantastic video…so relaxing..thank you very much…

  9. Yoshiharu Taga Reply

    There is a world valuable sound with a splendid picture in this.

  10. Muniappan Piramanayagam Reply

    real life

  11. Sagi Hadar Reply

    Thank you

  12. The Thinker Reply

    I want this as screensaver.

  13. La Femme Dominus Reply

    thumbs up if you noticed the "female sexual dysfunction" ad at the beginning

  14. ReminiscenceHr Reply

    @BlackNinja004 Take Five, Dave Brubeck

  15. Azzurri1980 Reply

    Great video, the original sound from the background really bring me to the place. Thank you for such bringing the world to my computer.

  16. 215bp Reply

    @GIORGOS8v no, music would ruin the raw experience in my opinion…

  17. skillbill83 Reply

    camera used: i guess a canon 5d mark 2 

  18. GIORGOS8v Reply

    great video!
    tip: some music would make the cruise unforgettable! :)

  19. Cristian Hernandez Correa Reply

    what kind of camera is that, is awesome its definition

  20. Ken Y Reply


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