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World Cruise Center LA Ports O Call

World Cruise Center LA Ports O Call

The berth place for cruise ships, tour excursions and the fishing fleet down in the Los Angeles Harbor, in the district of San Pedro. The Ports of Call Village features a variety of restaurants, souvenir shops and excursion operations. The LA Harbor Maritime Museum gives visitors insight into the past history of
marine vessels and the Port of LA.
The cruise ship Coral Princess seen at the begining is a Sun Class oceanliner weighing in at approximately 92,000 tons and has a capacity of 1,970 passengers.
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  1. pvgomer

    Long Beach California

  2. Tony Bruhn

    going there on feb 25th

  3. matt wilson

    @ThePrimeSpotcom whats lbc???

  4. KaRi ThePrimeSpot

    I just uploaded LAradioStudiowhich is located in San Pedro's Ports O' Call.

    Played a game of chess in the Croation club room downstairs and was offered a cup of coffee.

    You can see San Pedro artists gallery and live painters at times and calm turns to excitement when the fish markets open and serve up some hot lunch!

  5. KaRi ThePrimeSpot

    @dodge889 Just saw this, too late to recommend things to do. What DID you do in The LBC?

  6. InnerOC

    Nice views. I like how you showed pier 93 with and without a ship. That area has a great rustic feel about it.

  7. matt wilson

    nice i will be going there on october 24