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World Cruises with Cunard

Find out about the places our three Queens visit on their annual world cruises.
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  1. SassyHershsey SassyHershey Reply

    I know the registry is not British to avoid British union and wages. The real workers don't have British accents – cheap labor is key to running this business – flag of African countries that need the fees and have absolutely no workers rights laws cheapest third world help they can "muster" from the poorest countries.

  2. Zachary Legaspi Reply

    The way that British pronounce "Cunard" sounds like "Qunard". Im not hateing on them, I just wanted to point that out

  3. neiluk78 Reply

    Trouble is you go around the world, but spend only hours in each location, never getting a taste of the real culture.

  4. DeluxeCruises.com - Deluxe Cruises Reply

    Get our BEST price before you book anywhere

  5. Jonathan Wurfbain Reply

    They sank

  6. Jonathan Wurfbain Reply

    Woah better hand Cunard. Built the titanic and the brittanic and the

  7. Jonathan Wurfbain Reply

    At just a price starting at 13 thosand dollars

  8. MrMalcolm1981 Reply

    I will be on the Queen Mary 2 next year from Sydney on the 12/03/2015 for 21 nights going with friends and can't wait it's going to be wonderful trip so bring it on.

  9. Nala Rubischon Reply

    Want to go… Just save "some" more money….

  10. The Tobias Channel Reply

    Wo w

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