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Yangtze River Three Gorges Dam Cruise

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  1. lukebccb Reply

    If those two boys stayed in China for at least a year they would end up
    speaking fluent unaccented Mandarin. It’s something to do with the brain
    of kids that are under the age of about 14 years-old that allows them to
    pick up ANY 2nd or 3rd or 4th or etc. “nonnative” language easily.

  2. JK T Reply

    This video is great for families to experience traveling in China.

  3. lukebccb Reply

    Don’t know why you keep using “Three RIVER Gorges” when it’s simply “Three
    Gorges” WITHOUT “River”.

  4. Garry Byrne Reply

    You guys HAVE to be rich…

  5. Wolf Silicon Reply

    this is better than National Geographic

  6. Johnson Lo Reply

    it’s cute that Chinese little girl at 4:05 asked ” do you guys all look the
    same” lol

  7. Kong H. Reply

    Stupid kid

  8. Kelvin Yam Reply

    Beautiful sharing of your trips.

  9. 鹏程 卢 Reply


  10. daintellekt Reply

    Excellent documentary ! very well shot, edited, and narrated. What software
    was used for editing/have you guys collaborated with a production company?

  11. fioccodinevebianco Reply

    You are amazing!!!!! 😀

  12. AndroidGZS Reply

    haaha lol cute kids.

  13. Brian Miller Reply

    i think i might have to try this except throw in some night clubs

  14. Ho s c anthony Reply

    It was more beautiful when i was there in the 90s before they floooded
    certain parts of the river especially the General Zang Fei temple situated
    along the river.

  15. Gary Templemain Reply

    no it’s not,, it’s rice

  16. Gary Templemain Reply

    Well done video. Interesting and informative. The problem with those river
    cruises is, there is so much to see only a very limited detail can be
    shared. Please check the user name “templemain”. I have just put together a
    Yichang to Chongqing cruise video sept2012 trip and I think it compliments
    your video very well. I have an advantage through, my dear wife was born in
    Shanghai so I had my own personal guide, interpreter when I travel in China
    each year. PS: nice family.

  17. Don Helvin O'danill Frias Reply

    so wow !

  18. Garvey Hanggakusuma Reply


  19. PatrickChen007 Reply

    9:25 That’s not grass kid, that’s wheat. ; )

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